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Thread: Don't you love it when...

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    Default Don't you love it when... are bored, look around the "Services offered" section and see so many posts from wanna-be models saying "No lingerie!!!" but half their portfolio is lingerie shots?

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    Default Re: Don't you love it when... can they not be ? He still combs the online forums looking for his next wannabes ....*

    his themes or rather his purposes are just so obvious .. some bear his watermark*

    With such an active dude in gumtree, istudio, Model Mayhem ....etc, many more images of girls in lingerie coming your way !*

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    Default Re: Don't you love it when...

    Women always say the opposite of what they actually meant.
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    Default Re: Don't you love it when...

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    The abuse level of TF is high.

    Girls, and handsome young boys too, don't be too trusting.

    If the photographer pull the edisonchan stunt your interesting pictures will be all over the internet, spreading like wild fires via forums, torrents, file sharing servers, etc.

    That will be the end of any modelling career dream, and the start of a long, tedious nightmare that is going to last many years.
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