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    Hi all! Posted this thread on the Canon discussion board, but no one answered despite 38 views, so I thot I might try my luck here. Been toying with the idea of getting a Canon digicam with the CP100 photo printer (the one that prints 4R pics). Anyone know if there's a bundle for both the products, and how much it's going for? I'm kinda wondering if, for the kind of money for the printer, would I be better off getting a colour printer (downside is the bulkiness)? And how's the quality of the printed pics? Comparable to the old style pics? Cheers!

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    if you wan photo quality print, i would suggest you send your
    photos to
    I have yet try it out but my friend had collected the photos...WOW!! very chio sia!
    As good as film photo in the novice point of view!!

    i m using the Epson stylus photo printer myself and i find that the print out is not that good...(i m using photo paper)

    The price is 50 cents for 4R and handling fee is $5.
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    Is it $5/batch?

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    yaya that why next time wanna share the handling cost with my friend


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