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    Concept Of Shoot Will Be Same As Above. With Strobes Provided To Enhance
    The Quality Of Your Images. For Photographers New To Such Lighting Equipments,
    Technical Support Will Be Provided By Kenneth Choo Photography On Site.

    We Are Excited To Present You The Greatest Wedding Theme Shoot By Jusaki:

    The Sea Breeze

    We Are Planning To Trash The Gowns This Round, So Models Able To Pose Inside The Water As Well.
    This Shoot Is A Hard To Come By Opportunity,
    As Gowns That Have Soaked Inside The Sea Water Are Not Able To Be Washed Again.
    So Rarely People Will Sacrifice The Gowns For This Theme!

    Official Partners:

    Make up & Hair do:
    Michelle Makeover
    Baoyue Makeover

    Wedding Gowns:
    Angel's Gown

    Romance Love

    Shoot Details:

    Date: 17th Sept, Saturday

    Time: 9:30am - 12:30pm

    Location: Sentosa

    Ratio: Max 6:1

    Models: Miao, Alva & Kit


    pm jusgaki, email or sms/call 94722516 for visit to the past!!

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    Samples Pictures of Trash The Gown:

    You Also Can Google For More Pictures Of Trash The Gown


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