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Thread: Another RAW converter - Bibble 4.0

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    Default Another RAW converter - Bibble 4.0

    Bibble has just been updated and its now at version 4.

    Mosey on down to to download a trial version.

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    Quite good, user friendly... definitely better than DPP. As good as C1.
    But image quality wise, I dunno how to see which 1 better.

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    hehehe... the server is busy...

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    Bibble 4, I must say it's fast but I really hate the UI, very windows like... very bad in term of HCI.

    100% crop:

    1/2s f/5.6 ISO 1600, EF 16-35mm f/2.8 L, EOS 1D

    Custom WB set with ExpoDisc, Bibble's CWB support is not good and I still don't know how to set it against gray captured via ExpoDisc yet (maybe cannot as well).

    IMHO, EVU is best in term of color renders, but C1 is best in term of Noise control

    P.S. What abt ACR in PS CS?

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