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Thread: Need advice on trip to Egypt

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    Default Need advice on trip to Egypt

    I am planning on my first trip to Egypt and would love to get some advice on what to bring. I have a Nikon D300, 17-55mm & 18-200mm lens. I am traveling with a tour group and not doing trekking in the desert and just want to prevent potential damage to the equipment.

    1) As the place is dusty, I just want to bring only 1 len instead but not sure which is the best len to bring. Hope you could share some of your experience.
    2) Would the sands/dusts clog the camera or lens badly ? Any tips to share ?


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    actually i was wondering the same too! was wondering if 18mm will b wide enough, esp to take in the 3 big + 3 small pyramids + the sphinx etc.
    also worrying abt the potential sands + winds in the desert ?
    any advice will b appreciated, thnks =)

    we might wanna chck out this forum for tips or ideas too !

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    Hello Friends, i have been to Egypt in Dec10/Jan11. I was at the Great Pyramids, down the Nile on a cruise, Abu Simbel, Philae Temple, Luxor and all the temples there like Hetshepsut temple, Valley of the Kings (no cameras allowed anymore) and also massive Karnak Temple.

    I had with me essentially an 18-135mm lens on it 95% of the time. I brought a 50mm 1.4 and it was only useful for me one evening when there was a dinner and show at a Nubian home. On board the nile cruise ship, i had a 55-300mm lens to try and capture interesting things along the banks.

    Yes, it is important to try and not change lenses much. The dust can get in and in my case even got onto my sensor despite me not changing lenses outdoors at all. The 18-135mm is a WR lens (but my camera body not WR) and yet the sand/dust found it's way in and i had to PP to remove some dark spots off numerous photos.

    Travelling with a tour group means even less time to change lenses and take considered pictures. So try to keep something with a versatile range. I find my 18-135 did not lose many shots i wanted. Looking through my pictures, i think if you can have something between 17-70mm, it is more than useful. The wide end was used much much more than the tele end for me. Btw i use a cropped (1.5x) sensor.

    Now, the pyramids. There is a common vantage point most people will be taken to. It has an overview of the 3 pyramids but i think it looks rather uninteresting on a photography standpoint. You'll spend more time there trying to make funny poses with the pyramids (i.e. pretend to hold the tip of it). For more interesting angles you need to venture out more to find the right angles where all 3 are nicely within the viewfinder. Oh, and no way in hell can you expect to take either of the 2 biggest ones within one shot even at 10mm by standing reasonably close to them. Its waaaay too large. Maybe a 4.5mm fisheye but that will look kinda funny wouldn't it? The challenge is to take interesting areas or angles of the pyramids instead.

    Yes, and do be wary of the camel operators and various horse carriage operators. Hard selling fellas and likely to have you parting with much more money than you had thought you bargained for. Not nice to be asked for money whilst you have been taken far away from the pyramid and told you won't be let down till you agree to pay more. It's not easy to jump off a standing camel...

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    Been there in 2008.

    Be careful with your camera.

    Never ask a local to take photo for you. They will hold your camera as ransom until you pay up. Also never take them in your pictures even though they are posing for you. They will come over to ask for money. I was lucky to have a good local tour guide. If not, there might be riot. haha

    You might need some fast lens in the tomb as flash is not allowed. That's why I bought my 35mm F1.8 after that experience.

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