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Thread: Sarawak 2004 - help!

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    Default Sarawak 2004 - help!

    Hi guys,

    I'll be going to Sarawak to do the caving/Mulu pinnacles trip next week, and am still undecided on what gear to bring and what gear to leave behind.

    Basically, weight is a concern on the trip, especially for the trek up to the Pinnacles (near vertical climb), which is quite difficult I hear. I think most of the pictures will be mostly landscape and panoramic views, with little chance to photograph animals and such, right?

    I'm planning to bring the following:

    1. D70
    2. 18-70 lens, maybe 50mm f/1.8
    3. SB-800
    4. Tripod and ballhead

    I'm wondering if I should even bring my 70-200 f/2.8 VR lens, as I'm not too sure if there's much chance of using it. Plus, I definitely won't be carrying it up to the pinnacles trek, so am not sure how safe it is to leave it at Camp 5.

    If I don't bring the 70-200, then I can also leave my MiniTrekker behind, and buy a smaller camera bag/pouch to bring along which I can stuff into my backpack, instead of having to carry 2 packs! What do you guys think (especially those who've been on this trek) -would I need to bring the 70-200 for this kind of trekking/caving type of trip?


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    Bring a tripod and forget about the flash unless you are thinking of multi strobe setup. Even a really cheap lightweight tripod will be more useful. Pictures taken with on-camera flash in the caves will not look good at all. Long exposures on a tripod is the way to go.

    Take a good wide zoom. Wider the better (12mm??). Include people in your photos to give a sense of scale. Cave entrances and dramatic drops and rises in the caves present really good photo op. The only time you may need a relatively long lens is for the majestic bat trail flying out of MULU caves in the evening. Visible wildlife is sparse. You decide whether the weight is worth it.

    Rain and wet weather protection is important. Weather is extremely unpredictable It will be very damp in the mornings and evenings even without rain. Remember to bring a torchlight.

    Last thing.....go with friends who won't rush you when you are setting up the tripod.

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    Thanks for the info dude...

    Did you do the pinnacles trek? Is it worth bringing the 70-200 for that leg of the trip? Thought I'd try some zoomed in shots of the pinncles instead of the wide-angle shots that are more common.

    I will be bringing a tripod along too, thanks for the reminder

    Anything else I should know about or bring on the trip?


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