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Thread: Pentax Optio SV

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    Thumbs down Pentax Optio SV (vs Panasonic Lumix FX-7) - Release date?

    Has anyone heard when this camera will be out in Sg? The specs look great for a compact digicam - 5X optical, aperture and shutter priorities, full manual mode, manual focussing, centre/evaluative/spot metering.... comparing it to the latest panasonic lumix fx-7, i guess it offers more control but anti-shake is lacking and the lcd screen is a fairly disappointing 1.8" (2" would have sufficed, IMHO). Anyway i've tried the fx7 for a while and while the perks are good (leica lens, mega O.I.S., big-arse screen) the battery drain is horrible and there's no way of saving batt juice coz there's optical viewfinder at all so the lcd has to be on all the time!
    Once again, does anyone know when this camera will be out in Sg?
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