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    Dear guys,

    Just wanna get some advice on the issue of copyright for maps...

    I need a map for directing visitors to a venue, and I know that all maps are protected by copyrights. So obviously being unable to use any existing maps, I created a map from scratch using Photoshop, based on an existing map that is published.

    The entire Photoshop file was created from scratch, and I merely used the existing map to trace the lines, block numbers, street names etc. What I hope to find out are...

    1) Is this a violation of copyright?
    2) If there's a chance of them arguing that this is a copy of their map, how far should I modify it that they cannot sue for infringement?

    I understand that most of you guys are not lawyers, but I'm hoping someone knows the law pertaining to this aspect. Thanks in advance!

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    mighty minds allow u to use their maps for free provided u inform them.
    take a look at

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    Neo, its OK as long as its not a direct link to their map directory.

    U mean suddenly u have to put an extra road or river in your map for it not to violate copyright?
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    Hi ed9119,

    No. I can't add in additional roads or rivers that're not existing in real life.

    I created the map in Photoshop, using the other party's map as a template, so that I can trace the roads and the buildings to create the map. So essentially I started off with a blank canvas, but built it up to resemble the map supplied. Other than using the map to trace the lines, nothing from the other map was used. Every single line, box and text was done by me. And because I did the map in layers, I can prove that that particular digital file is created by me, rather than a scanned file or lifted off the website.

    However, I'm still worried of being sued if they insist that copying the lines is also an infringment of copyright.


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