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    Hi All " Sifu",

    I'm a newbie just started to explore HDR and i have a few questions

    1. Normally what kind of exposure setting and how many frames do you guys used for bracketing?
    2. What kind of HDR software are you guys using.

    FYI, i'm using the native CS5 HDR feature and it seem like there are some color casting on most of my pic after i have merged them. I don't know whether i'm doing the wrong way or are there some " best practise " steps to follow.
    I hope some si fu here can enlighten me so that i can improve on my photography . Many thanks for your viewing.



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    There are tons of HDR tutorials out there but the following should be a pretty good starter for you to familiarise and get your feet wet!

    to answer your query, really depends on the scene. some shoot up to 20 images, i do between 3-6 mostly. I use Nik Software HDR Efex Pro.

    have fun!

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    Thanks alot fibredrive sifu, i will go thru the tutorial that you have provided.


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