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Thread: Panning with a monopod?

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    Default Panning with a monopod?

    Read in a book that they advise using a monopod during panning action shots...

    Anyone actually try this? Are the results better compared to handheld?

    I currently only have a nikon d70, 18-70, 70-300, no VR lens...

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    think unless you got a hole on the ground that you can stick a monopod directly to the ground... otherwise, its quite hard.... tend to have wavy trail lines...
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    Hi Rev,

    Thanks for asking the question.. It's something ive been trying to do also... But still cannot and never ask.. but you asked what ive been wanting to..=)

    Is there a so called textbook setting for panning in sunny conditions, cloudy conditions, etc etc?

    Help! I'm Panning-retarded!!

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    I think the textbook setting is:
    Shutter - depends on you
    Aperture - set to F8 is best I think, to ensure background is nicely blurred and the most details in the foreground subject can be captured nicely. But up to you, experiment with what works.
    Key skill is the actual panning but must be ultra smooth from start to follow-thru.

    So far that's how I get my panning results. but anything below 1/60 shutter speed and the whole picture is blurred! So was wondering, is VR/IS necessary???


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