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    I have travelled a lot of country. I have seen many beauty sports......................(deleted by Mod) .............
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    I went to Vietnam before, short trip don't need Visa.
    We are ASEAN coutries/
    U just join this Forum then for 1st thread post endorsing a Travel website, for commercial gain?
    U better clarify ur self, if this forum not meant for commercial activity, this is for interest groups.
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    picachu (Nguyen) Welcome to Clubsnap .... you are most welcome to advertise your business here in Clubsnap like SgTrekker and other paying advertisers, shoot organizers, online camera equiptment stores etc etc etc

    please get in touch with Admin about signing up as a paid advertiser

    we have VERY VERY affordable rates

    If not, please enjoy your time at Clubsnap and share your photos of Vietnam !

    thanks for your understanding
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    shaddap and just shoot .... up close


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