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Thread: Non-keeper photos, wats ur view?

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    Default Non-keeper photos, wats ur view?

    Pro & amateur bros here, wat do u do with those pics tat cant make it ones.

    Most ppl would just trash em & they'll never see the sunrise anymore.

    But wat if ur clients insisted u to surrender all of ur pics?

    Do u separate em into a folder labeled "trash" "cmi" "toxic waste" or watever...and pass em to clients...? let em salvage if they wish...

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    how will he know if you surrender all photos or some photos?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul_Yeo
    how will he know if you surrender all photos or some photos?

    He won't...

    Just a thought, maybe those unsophisticated shots, be it exposure, angle, oof, are rubbish to u. But maybe ur client may find it useful?

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    Don't know about the others but if I'm shooting for my clients, I'd better make every shot count. The editing process is in place to filter out the shots most appropriate for the requirements, not for thrashing out badly taken shots.

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    normally when i return the photos in cd form, wat i will do is to separate the shots into two is the raw post processing...the other is the edited folder...

    this folder may not have all the shots in the raw folder...juz my highly recommended stuff...

    if film is involved...i will juz return him everything also....service in this line counts ya haha...


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