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Thread: Permission needed to take photos?

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    Wink Permission needed to take photos?

    Hi all! I am new to this so would really appreciate your kind help
    May I enquire if any of you have taken pictures at the Saddle Club at Fairway Drive or Old School at Mount Sophia? Do you need pre-approval or permission to take pictures there? I would like to take pictures in their outdoor and common areas... Appreciate the advice!

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    whether permission is needed or not, if it is a private property, it is just a nice gesture to ask for one.

    Just think about someone stand outside your door and take pictures...



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    it is a private property you have ask permission, they have every right to stop you from taking photos inside their premisses.
    you can stand can outside their premisses and take photos of their building, but you need to make sure the place where you standing is not part of their property,
    tho they can't stop you if you are at outside, but they can send someone to "greet" you if they don't like somebody loitering outside.

    hope this make sense to you.
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    Thanks for your help guys! I will call and ask them!

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    Short answer if you are daring and willing to be hassled and or force to leave you can happily shoot without asking. Long answer - you need to get approval these are private property areas. One point if this paid for work and it will be published - you better ask or when your client get the legal letter your axx is grass.


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