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Thread: EZ-link NOT easy!!!!!

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    remembered one incident when this bus driver was fed up wif a woman cos her card couldn't be scanned several times......

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    This thing remind me of the Stupid LRT system.... another stupid implementation.

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    hahahaha *cynical*

    have yet to collect my refund ...

    & now, in less than 2 weeks, I will be calling them
    for ANOTHER refund ...

    "How do I file a claim without a bus ticket?
    Please go to any TransitLink Ticket Office or call 1800-767 4333 for assistance within three working days. We will need the following information to process your claim:

    Your NRIC number

    Your Card printed number

    The date of your trip

    The road name at the start of the trip

    The bus stop location (eg. outside Hyatt Hotel) at the start of the trip

    The road name at the end of the trip

    The bus stop location at the end of the trip
    At the Ticket Office, a receipt will be given and TransitLink will investigate your case. If you call the hotline, a Customer Claims (CC) number will be given.

    If the claim is valid, you can present your receipt or quote your CC number at any Ticket Office after seven days to collect the refund. Please produce the receipt as well as your original NRIC during collection. You will have up to 90 days from the date of claim to collect the refund"

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