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Thread: Resolution for RAW 20D n 10D RAW files

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    Default Resolution for RAW 20D n 10D RAW files

    Hi people,

    just wondering what's the optimal default size for RAW files you guys shoot? Using 10D, resolution is a default 240dpi using PS CS, 300dpi for C1. For the 20D, it's a whopping 350 default dpi for Canon Professional Software! Just wondering what's the default optimal resolution without any stepping up or down. Anyone?
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    Default Resolution

    "Clear your mind. Clear your head. Here's a different way to consider the term "image resolution." It's nothing more than an instruction to a printing device about how large to replicate each pixel. It's a printing instruction about pixel size. Nothing more. And Photoshop's View> Print Size command? Ignore it completely."


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