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Thread: Is KTM railway open?

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    Default Is KTM railway open?

    Hi guys,

    I understand that the KTM station is closed and I also recalled them saying they will close parts of the railways about 6 weeks later. I am wondering if any section is still open to public? Would like to go there this Sunday to take some pictures. And also, where/how do I get there?


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    I think the tracks at blk 75 near Commonwealth MRT is still accessible.

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    ohh i just saw this article and said that all is closed from 1 aug.

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    U still can go Choa Chu Kang there take some photo..The track still there..Also important alway look out for your safety..

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    TAYKT, hmm.. that sounds scary... safety against people i presume? >.<

    Chua Chu Kang, can I walk from the MRT?

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    The line may be closed to passenger services, but it may not be closed to trains yet. KTM may still run freight, but also they may run works trains 'recovering' equipment for reuse else where on their network. They will almost certainly want to remove the signalling equipment for spares to use else where, they will probably remove any parts of points that are not worn out for re-use and eventually they may pull up the rails for recycling as well. And the best way for them to remove all this material is by train. And if they are using the electric token machines I saw at Bukit Timah last year, any where else on their network, they WILL want them as spares. And the heavy 'frog' castings of the points (where the two rails cross) are quite expensive - they will certainly want to rip out any that are not worn out for reuse.

    So don't think the trains are gone and go wandering around with out due care, as an 'equipment recovery' train may appear out of nowhere.

    Till they actually cut the track back up at Woodlands so that a train can't physically go any further south, consider the line still open for traffic even if the rails are rusty. If it's still connected, some thing could turn up with out warning.

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    There is no train at all. The line may not be officially open to public but some people still visit it. Problem is finding whatever remains of the tracks that are yet to be removed. The rails are manually cut up by bangladesh workers with welding equipment. Woodlands section has been removed couple of weeks ago, leaving only about 100m of track at that time. It is one of the earlier sections to go. At the rate they are going, I expect all the rails (except for the part they want to preserve) to be removed by October.

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    The line at Alexandra/Queensway seems to be still around when I passed it two days ago. The abandoned kampong too. Whether you're allowed to go down to the tracks is another story.

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    There are still tracks left at the section near woodlands road entering choa chu kang north 5/6. Confirm no more train as I am staying nearby only.

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    Now the railway track and station belongs to Singaporean !

    If lim bei wants to walk in, no one can stop me !!!


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