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Thread: what are the limits?

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    Default what are the limits?

    im sure many of us are unsure about where we can photograph and where we cant.
    look at them.
    now look at us.

    does anyone have an insight on the singapore's law on this?

    /not sure if this is the correct forum, but since its for informal chat, i guess its the safest.

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    Default Re: what are the limits?

    discussed 101 times already.
    Objection !!!

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    Default Re: what are the limits?

    Posted before.
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    Default Re: what are the limits?

    hopping on the bandwagon....

    posted many times before all over CS.

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    Default Re: what are the limits?

    If it's not a high security area, you can take pics of anything from anywhere outside it's boundaries.

    High security = army camps, etc with the big red sign.

    You can very well stand outside a shophouse shop (those facing to main road directly) and snap it head on, being outside its boundaries the owner has no legal right to stop you


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