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Thread: fungus-y cameras?

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    hi all,

    my dad just gave me 2 of his old cameras, a Zenit ET and a Ricoh XR-2. the Zenit works pretty fine, but as for the Ricoh, the cap for the battery compartment is missing and the mirror inside seems to be closed and unable to open, unless i manually take out the lens and push it open. both these cameras have fungus growing on the inside, like the viewfinder. my question is, is it possible to do a little servicing on these cameras, get a new battery compartment cap for my Ricoh and clean out the fungus? and if so, how much would it cost, approximately? thanks!

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    Without seeing the damage directly any estimation is as good as using tea leaves. You could check this thread for the repair shops (obvious by name), go down and let them have a look. Keep in mind that Zenit is quite cheap and can easily be found in ebay.

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    Hmm. Will keep that in mind. Thanks for your opinion!


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