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Thread: Can Eye-One Display calibrate multiple monitor setups?

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    Default Can Eye-One Display calibrate multiple monitor setups?

    Hi there!

    As above... Is this possible? If that is the case, how does the s/w do it?

    I can't seem to find an answer online....


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    Not possible unless each monitor has their own graphics card (applies to all calibration hardware/software as far as I know). Reason being, the software will adjust the LUT (look-up tables) on the graphics card to map the colors accurately, and the LUT will apply to all monitors that are connected to that graphics card. Chances of both monitors connected to one card having the exact (or even in the general ballpark) color temperature and settings are extremely slim.

    But if you have two graphics cards driving two different monitors, then I believe that each can be calibrated separately but don't quote me on this as I don't have a dual-card, dual-monitor setup (only single-card, dual monitor setup).

    So I have to live with one hw-calibrated monitor, and one "calibrated-by-eye-to-be-as-close-but-not-exactly-like" monitor. Maybe its time to upgrade to the new generation of PCs which can support one PCI-E and one AGP graphics card ... hmmmmm

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    Dunno about hardware calibrators, but on this office PC running integrated IntelExtreme graphics as primary and a PCI Graphics card as secondary, Adobe Gamma has no effect on the secondary monitor, only the primary.


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    The Eye-One seems to prompt me for RGB Preset/Controls when I selected LCD for calibration, but it was actually my notebook's LCD, I questioned oeyvind on this and he mentioned, that no, it should not be prompting.

    Should I set it to Easy calibration or still continue using advanced? I've resorted to setting the white point at 5500K so that the white point calibration droops around 5500-5700K for the nearest white colour. I've verified the final results against my monitor which is set to 7500K using Native Whitepoint, they match.

    Both were set to Gamma 2.2.



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