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    Hi there,

    I am new to ClubSnap, I was curious if there are any shops in Singapore that
    specialise in lens maintenance or repair. I have a Nikon 80-200 that has a
    non functioning manual/auto focus switch ring, and a 18-200 that requires to
    be cleaned for the dust inside as well as also a Canon 24-105 that needs it's
    front element plastic replaced due to some damage. I am only a student and
    so I hope these costs will not be staggering, thus I search for a shop like that!

    Also, if it is really unreliable or a bad idea to head outside, I guess I have no
    choice but to visit the respective service centres to ask for prices...

    I would appreciate so much for your suggestions on where to go...
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    Default Re: Technical Issues

    Camera Hospital - Sunshine Plaza.

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    how bad is the dust in the 18-200 and the damage on the 24-105? chances are that there's no need at all to clean/repair them. my 17-35 is like the milky way, and have used a couple of lenses with really bad front elements and there's little cause for concern..
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    Default Re: Technical Issues

    And the 80-200 MF-AF switch ring can be replaced at NSC for around $80 IIRC.

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    Default Re: Technical Issues

    Apart from the focus switch the other things seem to be rather cosmetic issues. If you are on tight budget then leave it, dust or dented plastic rings don't affect the images.

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    Thank you for your replies. I had totally forgotten about the post and just gotten back my lenses.
    You were right about Camera Hospital. It was very helpful and I managed to save money!


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