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Thread: Stuck - filter to step ring

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    Default Stuck - filter to step ring

    Need help in removing lens filter from step-down ring. Can someone please help if you have the equipment for the job. Thanks.

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    Please help......

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    I don't have this problem but I had a similar problem which is my stepup ring got stuck to my lens. I tried for a long time but could not remove it. One day, I put a small piece paper on top of my stepup ring and then a filter over the stepup ring and turn it tight. I try to turn the filter to remove it and the step up ring comes out together with the filter. After which I pulled the small piece of paper out and I was able to remove the stepup ring from the filter.
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    go to NTUC and buy one of those rubber non-slip pads. i think they come in packs of 3. i find them very useful to grip filters, rings, etc. i even use them as a base for my camera when i do some repairs. keeps them from sliding all over the place.
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    Thin strip of double-sided tape around the larger surface, or even both surfaces. Grip and twist (in the correct direction of course)!


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    use a rubber band on one (the thick kind) and the rubber cloth on the other... twist.

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    Thanks guys for all the input. Tried the extent of cutting away the step ring. Now have a grooved step ring stuck to a lens filter and a pair of very sore hands.


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