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Thread: Some thoughts on make-up(for portraits)

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    Default Some thoughts on make-up(for portraits)

    To what extent is make-up effective? Does make-up stop at just covering up pimples on the model or does it go further into completing the look of the model? In short, what does it do exactly?

    Can a look be completed without make-up if the skin of the model is flawless?

    Can make-up effectively conceal skin problems such as severe acne?

    Would you shoot a female model without using make-up?

    Would you prefer to shoot a model without make-up instead of the same model with make-up poorly applied?

    Just hope to get some views here especially from the experienced portrait shooters.
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    I engage the help of makeup artiste to smoothen out flaws in the skin and to add highlights such as blush so that the face does not seem flat. faces that do not have makeup on usually look flat unless the model has done some exercise beforehand, which will give her a rather attractive blush. eyebrows that are drawn will make the face look more attractive cos there is a clearer defintion. lipstick used will give the lips added colour and give more life to the face. some would say all these can be done by PS. I prefer the more traditional way of doing things. every girl likes to look their best and we also like to photograph their best looks. its mutually beneficial.

    I also need the makeup artiste around to help the model dress up and sometimes styling of the hair is involved.

    makeup and hair style if properly done can change the shape of the face. its a matter of perspective and proportions.

    maybe a makeup artiste might want to comment.

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    Change the shape of the face?! Sounds like plastic surgery to me
    Yup any make-up artists to comment?
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    with good makeup, not only able to conceal flaws (eye bags, blemish, dark circles, wrinkles etc), it can enhance definition (to eyes, lips, cheeks) making the model look more flattering (3D rather than flat features) in the photo.

    See link to illustrate a before and after look.


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