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Thread: When to use M or AV?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SmOcKxY

    Sorry I din explain myself clearly..with AV mode if i walk into shade or something and shutter speed becomes too slow..i'll bump up ISO a little to compensate and get a better shutter speed without affecting DOF..hope this makes it clearer! heh heh!
    Lol. I worry u mislead other pple. :P

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    Default Re: When to use M or AV?

    Quote Originally Posted by rvf79 View Post
    I had been using AV mode for a few mths. Now I am starting to practice with M mode. Normally I base on the exposure meter on the camera to know if I am using the current setting. But the metering sometime play me out... Is there any tips?
    If you want more consistency, center weighted is more consistent than matrix metering, because the camera thinks less and is more predictable.

    If you want best results, you can use spot, but it is not so convenient in my opinion.

    It's all about learning the behaviour of your camera and suiting yourself to fit it. It's a machine, you're not.

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    Default Re: When to use M or AV?

    I use AV mode most of the time. I will switch over to M mode whenever my camera tries to give me Good ISO (e.g. 100) but slow shutter (e.g. 1/30). I always try to shoot at least with 1/60. So this is when M mode comes in handy...

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