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Thread: DVD Layers?

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    Default DVD Layers?

    i am tinking investing in a DVD writer to back up my photos and files
    any reecommendations?
    any points to look out?

    erm,any tech guru can explain those funny temrs?
    like region,+R,-R and all the other format
    also heard dvds can burn up till 8GB?!
    totally lost in this aspect!!!

    heard the TDK dual layer(i think this is the name) is not bad?

    and whats the avg price for these burners?about $200?for dual layer burner?

    hope some expert can help me with these terms

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    may be you can go read up some reviews first

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    DVR+R and DVD-R are just different formats supported by different industry players. You can read more here.
    You can get a dual-layer DVD writer for about $200 or even less but I don't think you would want to use dual-layer DVD media as they are not cheap. A single layer 4.7GB DVDR would cost about $2-3. Whereas a dual-layer one would be about $17-20. The price for this would definitely drop when this format becomes more widely used. I remember CDRs costing about $15 a piece in the early days and now it's only about $0.30!

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    Dual layer DVD writers are down to less than $130. My LiteOn 832S cost me around $148 a few months back.

    Single layer 4.7GB DVD+R's cost around $1 for the cheap junk media (Sigma, made in China) and $1.5-$2 for decent branded media like Sony, Verbatim, Maxell, etc.

    Remember that the brand name stamped on the media doesn't matter much, it's the manufacturer. For example, some batches of TDK media are made by CMC magnetics taiwan, which is not considered reliable. Taiyo Yuden media is considered excellent. I've been using Sony DVD+R's made by Ricoh which have been consistently good.

    Also note that some drives like +R and some like -R. My LiteOn hates -R media.


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