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Thread: Recommend a studio?

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    Default Recommend a studio?

    My sis is attending her Uni convocation ceremony this week, and would like to take some studio photos with her gown etc on the same day before she has to return it. The ceremony will be in the City Hall area, so can anyone recommend any studios in the area that can take graduation photos with nice backdrops (i.e. bookcase etc)?

    I've got 2 suggestions: picture Me ( and Serangoon Broadway ( Anyone tried them before?

    Don't need anything fancy, just a few photos of her in the gown, don't require anything too fancy or expensive. Thanks

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    Nobody knows?

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    Thanks for those who PM'ed me...

    Anyway, just to check the price: pictureMe quoted my sis $99 for 40+ shots, with 1x8R, 2x5R and 5x5R photos in the package. Not sure if they're giving the digital negatives -should they give back all digital negatives, or is there a separate fee for them? Never done this kind of studio shots in Sg before, so I'm also not sure of the rate. Can anyone advise?

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    hi... just to tell you picture me does not give back the digital images.
    you have to buy it. and $99 is just the basic package, they definitly will ask you to buy and spend more for the photos. their standard of photography is bad too. trust me..

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    Maybe you can try Lisa lum at The Colourful Faces at The Riverwalk #b1-51, 20 upper circular road. Tel: 97432189

    Just my two cents.


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