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Thread: Best size for photos?

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    Default Best size for photos?

    Do you all usually resize your photos so they don't take up too much space on the computer? What is the best tool for it and what is the optimal size that won't affect the photo image quality? Thanks for any advice.

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    Default Re: Best size for photos?

    #1, harddisc space is relatively very cheap nowadays.
    #2, keep only the keeper.
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    Default Re: Best size for photos?

    1- Always shoot RAW + JPG (L, Fine)
    2- Just RAW
    3- Min JPG (L, Fine)

    Any lesser, might as well use a 3mp pns.
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    There is no best size dude. U might wanna uprez ur fotos someday. U might wanna downrez it another day.

    Best advice is, think before u shoot. So u only have keepers and wont be wasting unnecessary hard disk space.


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