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Thread: 7D Hokkaido Trip - Camera Rental

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    Default 7D Hokkaido Trip - Camera Rental

    Will be going to Hokkaido with wife for 1st time next month. Camera on iPhone simply can't make it.

    Can anyone please let me know how much will it be if I were to rent a SLR,say Canon 600D for 7 days?

    Saw a list of camera rental services in this forum. Anyone used their services before? Can recommend me any of them based on your past experiences with them?

    PS: I'm a sucker for Internet access. Can recommend me what is the best way to stay connected in Hokkaido?


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    Default Re: 7D Hokkaido Trip - Camera Rental

    I can't advise on the camera rental cos I've never done so myself. Why don't you try borrowing from a friend instead? And also familiarise yourself with the camera and lenses before you actually head off on your trip.

    How and where are you traveling? Free and easy? Self-drive? Tour?

    Anyways, Hokkaido is vast. The density of free wifi hotspots is much lower than most other parts of the country.

    Here's a list of the 400+ hotspots available: (Sorry, Japanese only).

    The best way of cos is to use the connection available in your hotel.

    You can try the various machi no eki if you're driving too.

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    Default Re: 7D Hokkaido Trip - Camera Rental

    I think if you will use the camera in future, prob better off buying a new or second hand camera. Rentals are quite exp.. i think at least S$20/day for DSLR, then the lens... etc..


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