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Thread: Calling all newbies..

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    Quote Originally Posted by chiangkxv View Post
    Its the mentality...
    If you have a mentality to always search for your own answer, you will go to google straight away.
    If you have a mentality that someone will spoon feed you, you will post it on a forum w/o thinking.
    That's the key point.
    To TS: Read, think, try, re-think, try again, search ... lot's of things every newbie can do on his own. There is no shortcut to taking good pictures, one has to take the path of learning.

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    The answer to pretty much ANY question can be found off the net if not here, there definitely will be something somewhere else.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dreamsz
    Be dare to ask. No question is stupid.
    in forum, you meet all sorts of people. Accept all with your open heart. Some may be harsh, some may just give you some mysterious answer...and many others different type of reply.....

    For lens... for newbies... Go RENT.... dont buy because with our little knowledge, give you all the website with good review and all the technical review explaination, frankly.,.. we also wont get the detail. All is about trying. Once you have the lens with you, you can then try for a good whole day. Going to shop and try with the lens, frankly for me, i felt only applicable to those pros here.... for me.. i still need to rent, try for 1 day then can get like 50% sure-ness

    For shutter, most people can withstand at 1/125 shutter speed or higher. for me... i use min 1/150.... cause hand shake...
    ISO - its okie to have ISO.. .doesnt mean every picture must be low noise, can only use ISO 100 and keep shooting resulting to get the image, we lower all our shutter and aperture which result blur or cmi image..

    These are what i have learn from seniors here. I am still beginner so hope these help.
    For ISO, it also depend on your camera lo...600D max is 1600, if not u will have noise

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