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Thread: 20D users feedback

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    Talking 20D users feedback

    Im sure some fellas here must have gotten the 20D by now.
    So those who have pls do share with us your feedback on this camera.
    Partly also cos Im thinking of purchasing a DSLR, but still not sure if i should wait for D200 or buy the 20D.

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    There are some feedback regarding loose vertical grip and some lockup issues reported at Check there as there are more users willing to share info.

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    Default just got a 20D

    I have had mine for about a week now and am learning. So far I am well pleased with it, almost instantaneous "on" from a cold start or after being asleep. There is no discernible lag time starting up. Darn near instant focusing, if you need the five frames per second its there. I have a good bit of learning yet but am progressing. I havent experienced the loose vertical grip or any lock up issues as yet. I would be glad to try and answer any questions you may have. Keep in mind that I am not a professional photographer. I upgraded from an Olympus E10 which was/is a fine camera.

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    Default hows the focusing screen

    it was mentioned that it is improved, do you see much improvement when using manual focus ??

    does it interfer with regular use ??

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    You seem to be deciding between Nikon or Canon. It might be useful for you to look at the systems in general as well - layout/interface, lens options/costs, DX format (Nikon), trends etc. You will find a lot of comparisons across systems here, sometimes in the form of heated debates Ultimately, both systems are good but still some of us choose to jump from one to another as seen in the launching of the Olympus E1, Nikon D70 etc.

    Cameras keep improving while the rest of your system would last you for the long-haul with some of your lenses possibly costing close to or more than your camera (not to mention your flash and other accessories). Might be worth your while to try out a D70/D100 and a 10D/20D to feel which system you are more comfortable with.

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    Default Upgrade from 10D

    I upgraded from 10D. Here are the pros/cons relative to the 10D:

    Machine gun shutter. Simply awesome for event photogs.
    Much, much faster write and display times.
    2 more megapixels helps in cropping and prinitng.
    B&W mode with color filters.
    Nine point AF is more precise.
    Built-in flash rasied up so not blocked by zoom lenses.
    Can use EF-S lens.
    Useable up to Iso800 rountinely (10D useable up to Iso400 rountinely).
    More RAW + JPEG choice.
    BP511A battery lasts even longer.

    Best results with L-series lenses and prime lens.
    Same small LCD.
    Battery grip still does not power external flash.
    420EX and 550EX cannot keep up with 5fps.
    420EX and 550EX not optimized for 9-point AF.
    Probably need to buy 580EX flash (and maybe powerpack).
    Sensor arrives dirty from factory (Canon service cleans for free).
    AF still 'hunts' in low light even with 550EX attached.

    Hope this helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by maxim
    it was mentioned that it is improved, do you see much improvement when using manual focus ??

    does it interfer with regular use ??
    The new focusing screen does help in manual focusing. You can see the sharpness more clearly. There is some roughness in the screen and under certain lighting condition you can see that the texture is radial. Other than that... it does not interfer with regular use.

    I would suggest you try it out to see for yourself. Its quite hard to explain user experience in a couple of words.

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    AF is significantly better than the 10D. There is much less to no hunting with those lenses like Macro lenses that are prone to slow focussing. I have had no focussing problem even in a completely dark room when used with a 550EX flash and even with slow focussing lens like a Sigma 105mm Macro EX. This lens on a 10D in a similar situation would result in slower focussing and some hunting though. I think the trick to quick focussing with the 20D in low lighting and 550EX is to set the AF points to centre or all.

    White balance is slightly better than those of the 10D. The AWB seemed also to be better. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the AWB of the 20D seemed to know when the flash is used and set the colour temperature to that for the Flash mode automatically. In the 10D and other digital cameras that I have used, the colour casts obtained in AWB and Flash white balance modes are quite distinctly different when the flash is used. With the 20D, I found that when I was doing the RAW conversion on images taken with flash, the 'As Shot' colour temperature is the same as that for 'Flash'. I have not seen this in the AWB of the 10D and the D60.

    I did not have any problem with the grip. It fit perfectly and tightly to the 20D and there is no give or slack no matter how hard or where I press. No unexpected loss of power due to loss of contact either. I don't understand why some users complained of looseness of fit between the grip and the 20D body. The only explanation I can think of is they did not align the grip properly before tightening the screw or did not tighten hard enough. I have had similar experience with the grip for the 10D when I did not tighten sufficiently before.

    I have experienced a couple of freezes since I got the camera but these glitches were minor and quickly rectified by removing the battery. Anyway, this is supposed to be taken care of with the next firmware upgrade release.

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    Hi. By the way, how much does the 20D costs you guys huh?


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