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Thread: Worthwhile to bring tripod to NDP parade?

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    Default Worthwhile to bring tripod to NDP parade?

    For those who had been to the NDP floating platform to witness NDP (be it actual day, rehearsal), do you think there's space to set up a tripod if seated amidst the spectators in the spectator stands? By spectator stands, I mean watching the parade from within the floating platform.

    Cos I've been hearing about its possible to set up a tripod while seated on the stands of the platform, although I have my doubts cos I envisage the seating on the floating platform to be cramped, much like that of a football stadium, hence if I'm bring camera without the tripod.

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    Default Re: Worthwhile to bring tripod to NDP parade?

    monopod? these are pretty good too
    how long a lens are you using? might be advisable for anything longer than 200mm w/o VR
    what do you intend to take? if fireworks, yes. if fast moving objects, you might need a really high shutter spd anw
    and are you gg to the parade to watch or for the photos? if for photos, then yes. just in case.
    F3, FTN, D700, just primes =)

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    Just bring it is possible to set up ur tripod at the seat area


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