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Thread: "Joy of Puppet"

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    Default "Joy of Puppet"

    my related post here.. apprec any comments

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    Behind the viewfinder...


    dun cross post

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    Yeap...please refrain from cross posting (posting the same thing more than once) as it clutters the forum with no real purpose. Imagine everyone in the forum doing the same thing, posting a thread and then posting links everywhere to attract traffic to their thread...the entire forum will be flooded with links!

    I will be removing this post in a short while.


    As complexity rises, precise statements lose meaning and meaningful statements lose precision.

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    Default hmm..

    going to play the nice guy here, my say is this has got to be the most original (not sure technically proficient) post-photoshoot presentation of the esprit outdoor event i have seen here.

    why dont give it a break...fact i wouldnt have came across this interesting stuff till the big hoohah rising over what i see as a minor fault. now i have new inspirations!

    then again typical singaporean, we'd jump onto the first blame bandwagon before appreciating why the bandwagon is there for and if its any prospective..from a postive/constructive pov.

    last note to the threadowner: yes your posts are nice and we appreciate your sharing, but observing the ethics here be very helpful in future!

    simple and sweet. thks


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