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Thread: "Joy of Puppet"

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    Default "Joy of Puppet"

    since theres bound to be many posts on this event, would to share my personal interpretation, in form of a simple storyline which will be of course unique then. apprec comments, otherwise..enjoy...



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    Default "Joy of Puppet"...cont'd




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    Quote Originally Posted by bigsnapper

    This one's the best amongst the lot. Simple for the aesthetic value and the surrealism presented in the composition and color.

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    i wonder ... you could have done a better effect for 'lost' (too graphic) and 'join' (also too graphic)...both have good surrealism...try tweaking it in b/w if you find it hard to handle the colors.

    'Play' would have been better if it is in landscape format...this one too gets my vote

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    pls pardon as i should have stated these two are mainly experimental highlights here, but i chosed not to.

    'join' and 'lost' are done deliberately away from norm concepts of processing, colours or otherwise. these two have much more to say about the impressive mood than the images themselves. they are done so contradictorily as to attract criticisms, both good and bad..seems to good effect!

    personally i am so engrossed with 'lost' the moment i got it 'right'..theres almost no greys and blacks in your impulse emotions when a moment strikes just hits you...almost "anime" in nature the way it is presented. perhaps suggest can take a long look to get my perspective intended.

    "play" is nice, something mischevious i had in mind for a new fashion-style product just launched...esprit is a good one.

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    frankly...i'd prefer 'lost' without the side building......making it 'less is more'...however, the side building adds dimension to the pict...he he

    as for play...taking out the wires will be cool!! it'll become an impossible shot totally.


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