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Thread: convocation/graduation theme studio shoot

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    Default convocation/graduation theme studio shoot


    a friend of mine previously paid about $200 for a certain sized framed photo, that is chosen out of 5 shots. she wasnt satisfied because none of the 5 are to her liking, but was forced to choose one.

    currently she is looking for a studio and asking me (sweat sweat) to help her take instead. my studio experience is limited, hence i have the following questions (pls kindly redirect me if i have posted in the wrong forum)

    1) most studios only come with black/white backdrops. if i want one that is convocation/graduation theme, eg a shelf of books, other than specialized studios that does convocation shoots, what options do i have?

    2) so they normally help set up the lighting, and do they provide the trigger for the flash?

    3) this is debatable and different ppl will have different views on it, but since they are my friends, i don't feel comfortable charging them, but asking them to compensate for my transport to & from - is it a fair call? and for those who do charge, what would be a reasonable fee for a 1 hour studio session? (studio is provided by my friends, not me)

    thanks for your feedback/advice in advance

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    Default Re: convocation/graduation theme studio shoot

    1) I've only ever seen solid colour backdrops. If you have trouble getting one such backdrop forgo it for a colour.
    Most studios have more than just white/grey/black, call to ask.

    2) You can ask them to assist you. They too would not want the risk of accidents from someone unfamiliar with their equipment. At the very least they will provide a sync cord. Worst come to worst, use your in-built flash to trigger.

    3) What is considered reasonable for your time & effort? How can we answer you? Or just have her treat you dinner lah?

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    I had a few of these kind of requests but I usually turn down and refer them to pro studios because its not worth my time but importantly not worth their money due to the cost involved in studio rental and coordinate in time.

    Concerns being most studio have minimum 2 to 3 hours booking approximately $40 an hour, so conservatively looking at a $80 cost, plus your transportation fee of $5 to $10, plus if you give them one or two 8R prints, CD, plus postage or transportation fee to deliver the CD, we are looking conservatively a cost of $100. To match studio's price of $200, that would mean I work for only $100 for 2 hours shoot, plus maybe another 1 or 2 hour of post production work and CD burning. Thus not worth the time as one can earn more shooting other more interesting stuff. I mean, how many variants you can get shooting the same person in the same studio setting for 2 hours? Also you need to factor in the coordinate efforts you put in to book the studio, find a time where you are both free and get her to show up on time. So would suggest you quote above $300 to make sense but then it doesn't make sense to the client anymore liao.

    More concerns being cancellation fees and usage rights. Be sure you get FULL payment before even booking the studio to avoid ganna aeroplane, also if she is not happy with the 5 pics she got from the studio, why? Sometimes need to do a bit of client screening too, some clients is actually not happy with the photography, but in reality not happy with their own looks, being too self conscious, just refused to admit.

    BTW with color gels and background light, I can control color of background, but not sure how competent you are with studio portraiture. Some studio might have those generic background with 'a wall of encyclopedia'.
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    Default Re: convocation/graduation theme studio shoot

    hi foxtwo, sjackal, thanks for your advice and feedback the fee of the studio booking will be borne by my friend, and i would not be doing CD buring or anything so comprehensive, will probably select 20-30 of the best shots and pass it to her maybe via her thumbdrive or something. thanks again for sharing your feedback

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