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    I would like to do up a Personal Portfolio on prints for myself. I would like to ask anyone that has done before. What are the process like for the whole setting up of the portfolio from choosing the photos to printing and segregating the sections of the portfolio itself.

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    Firstly the portfolio IMHO should have a focussed theme so I might need to put together 2 or more portfolios

    Secondly IMHO keep each portfolio bite sized to between 15-40 imAges

    Thirdly be prepared to give away the portfolios if there is seriou chance For business

    Keep a soft copy on your handheld

    Use a book maker to dress up your portfolio
    shaddap and just shoot .... up close

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    most people will think that it's best to put the "best photo" as the 1st page.

    However it's better to put the "2nd best" first, then followed by the "best photo". Put the rest of the photos in between and end with the "3rd best"

    The reason being, audience need some time to "settle down", so putting the "best photo" on 2nd page gives them some time to absorb.

    It''ll be ideal to put the "best photo" on the last page because it's leave a lasting impression, but you need to impress them with the first few photos to keep their attention.

    So it'll be ideal to put photos in order of
    1: 2nd best
    2: 1st best
    3 onwards: the rest of the photos
    last: 3rd best

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    Thanks for the critical advice.

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    The last thing that you should know is who is the audience that is seeing your portfolio and why are you showing it.


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