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    "the F100 saves image data in its own color space so you need to either print with a PIM (Epson PRINT Image Matching) capable printer or post-process the images with the supplied DiMAGE Image Viewing Utility to get them into the sRGB color space. With the DIVU you can convert the F100's images into any one of the following color spaces: sRGB, AppleRGB, SMPTE-C, PAL/SECAM, ColorMatchRGB, AdobeRGB, Wide Range RGB, NTSC or CIE RGB. You can also achieve the same results by loading the images into PhotoShop and adjusting their levels. Without some sort of color adjustment the images are going to look somewhat "flat" when viewed on a properly adjusted monitor."

    Hi, wat do they mean by "saves image data in its own color space"?

    Does that mean that i cant directly copy the JPG files from the camera memory card to my computer and edit them using my photo editer?

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    This is an extremely complex issue,

    For a start try reading up on the following.

    Colorspace FAQ

    Yes you can open the JPEG's in any application that supports the JPEG standard, however the colours may not be accurate.
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