Creativeís new 5GB MuVo≤ FM has only been on the market for hardly anytime at all, but just like somebody did with those earlier MuVo players, the good hackers over at VR-Zone have already figured out how to remove the tantalizing prize hidden within: a CompactFlash-compatible mini 5GB hard drive from Seagate that you can pop into a digital camera or a PDA. Yeah, normally we wouldnít advise wasting your time on buying a brand new gadget just to cannibalize it for parts, but seeing as how a 4GB CompactFlash cardíll easily set you back close to $500 while the new MuVo≤ FM only retails for around two hundred and fifty bucks or so, itís a pretty nice deal. Plus you can pop an older, lower-capacity CompactFlash card in there and itíll work just fine.
Here's how