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Thread: How to compile a port folio?

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    Default How to compile a port folio?

    hello mentors!
    i would like to ask how do i compile a port folio , to show to a potential employer or client? should i put all my best shots? or just a certain genre that is relevant to that emplyer/client?
    IF so how many should i put?
    what size is good for printed folios? 8"x10" ? or A4
    how about soft copy folios? should it be hi or low res?
    thanks for all the advice!

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    If your client is looking for eg portrait photographer, then he wont be interested to see insects/animals/mountains right?
    Typical portfolio should be about 20 best shots, 8R ones. Not too many, not too little, not too big, not too small.
    Besides the portfolio, u still need to present yrself as a photographer/ employee. There are more skills required beyond photography.....

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    hmmm...was tinking of printing mine too....haha....any ideas of wat paper to use??

    borders or not???
    glossy or matt???

    was tinking of mounting in a book with black acid free paper.....

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    thinking of setting one up too.
    But currently, still need more photos.

    How? we find materials together for our portfolios?
    SMS for faster response: 96622292

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    i bought the album already a3 size black paper...

    decided to print super 8r matt and paste it on the book...

    the book is landscape...wanted something special instead of the normal portrait the book can stand up and let ppl flip over and view....haha...


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    thats great, me thinking of making one too, now still collecting "viewable" photos to print to 8R

    think need to get a nice album to file the photo also, packing mah


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