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    Default usb problem

    okok,i noe im such a IT idiot but i seriously need help!!!!! urgently!!!

    my damn digital camera needs win2000 or xp den can work but im win98 & Pentax hotline staff told mi to buy any memorycard reader tat works with win98 den i will be able to transfer pics from my cam to my com...

    so i bought this card-reader but it cant wrk

    my pentax stated tat usb connection:needs operating system win2000 or xp....usb mass storage class(usb 1.1)

    and my card-reader readsperating system supported compliant to usb2.0

    Issit bcoz the difference in the usb1.1 & usb2.0 tat's y MY COM CANT READ THE DRIVER OF THE CARD-READER???

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    Is your computer Win 98SE or the older Win98 ? USB only works properly in Win98SE. Even then it doesnt autodetect some devices like thumb drives. You need to install the drivers for them before they get detected.

    I think its time for you to use WinXP

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    You would need to install the drivers that came with your card-reader on your computer in order to get the card-reader to work.

    Also, as mentioned, the operating system should be at least Windows 98 Second Edition.

    Things to check:

    1) Is the cable plugged in firmly/correctly.

    2) Is the card-reader backward compatible? Is it able to hook up to a USB1.1 connection?

    If still got problems, PM me.


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