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Thread: Field Test: The Samsung NX11

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    Samsung NX11

    The Samsung NX11 is a new mirror-less compact digital camera with a large image sensor, electronic viewfinder and interchangeable lenses which is intended to bridge the gap between a small compact and large DSLR. A clear rival to the
    Micro Four Thirds cameras from Olympus and Panasonic, the NX-series is a proprietary rather than open standard, using the NX-mount lens system. The NX11 is a modest upgrade of last year’s NX10, with a revised handgrip, new panoramic
    mode, additional 1:1 and 16:9 ratios, and the incorportaion of i-Function capability, first seen on the NX100. The i-Function button on the new 18-55mm kit lens allows users to control the NX11 by scrolling through manual settings
    (shutter speed, aperture, EV, WB, and ISO) and using the focus ring to change the parameters for each setting. The NX11 also has a special i-Scene lens priority mode, which automatically selects scene options that are optimized for the
    lens currently being used. The NX11 has a 14.6 megapixel APS-C sized CMOS sensor, which is physically the same size as those used in entry-level DSLRs and notably larger than the MFT sensor, promising better image quality especially at
    higher ISO values. Styled like a mini-DSLR, the NX11 incorporates a high-resolution electronic viewfinder with eye-sensor, large 3 inch AMOLED LCD screen, built-in pop-up flash, fast contrast auto-focus system, 720p HD movies and
    Supersonic Dust Reduction system. The NX11 has a wide range of manual controls plus a Smart Auto function which automatically selects the best shooting mode, while the Smart Range feature captures detail in both the bright and dark areas
    of the picture.

    Technical Specifications
    Please refer to this link
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    Default Re: Field Test: The Samsung NX11

    Front View

    Back View

    Top View

    My Overall Reviews

    1. Big Sensor 14 megapixel gives very good details
    2. Light weight
    3. Very good and nice skin color
    4. Fast focusing
    5. Very good image stabliser

    1. Becoz' it uses electronic viewfinder, it takes sometimes to go ready mode from standby mode
    2. Prefer optical viewfinder than electronic viewfinder
    3. Limited lens choice
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    Sample Shots

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    I find it is a very good camera for family photography esp. nice skin tone and fast focusing.
    See my Photo Gallery at the Clubsnap

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    Default Re: Field Test: The Samsung NX11

    thanks Megaweb

    this review just reminded me of the very good times I enjoyed with this camera recently

    real compact
    LOVE the colors

    just wishing for more prime lenses to complement this system
    shaddap and just shoot .... up close

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    Default Re: Field Test: The Samsung NX11

    Nice pics .............. from this compact camera.
    Nikomi Canpen Zenten :eek:
    Not exactly 100% Natural but definitely the closest you can get to it


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