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Thread: Asking ppl to pose or correcting pose

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    Just wanna to know how the season photosig correct position pose by the models or wedding couples, not forgetting to be tactful. I have some problem on this. Like I actually straight in the face say words which I think it is not nice.

    How you all actually do it??

    Care to share?

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    Basicly you have to be firm and polite with ( and try not to swear at ) all those grandmas aunties and uncles who insist on walking in front of you at their dearly beloved 's wedding ,trying to beat you to the shot .
    If using a model , male or female you still need to be firm but try to build up a rapport with them , get them talking or laughing even and ask them for thier own ideas which can also be quite good , then you'll find it a lot easier to get along and get your ideas across.

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    1. Show them the pose with your own body; there is an old saying, show by example.
    2. Talk to them how to pose; eg "move the left arm higher", "tilt the head to the left" etc.
    3. Go near and move their body directly, however you need to watch out, if your subject gets scared then you got to move away immediately, most ppl would prefer to keep a "safety distance" from a stranger.

    And keep talking whatever you do. Saying small words eg "GOOD", "THANKS", "PLEASE" will defintely help a lot. U can also say some small jokes.

    Sometimes u got to be honest and frank. If the subject is fat then tell them directly rather than avoid the unavoidable. If the subject has 2 eyes of different size then tell them directly.

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    like conducting PE/PT, use precise words/actions/description will help.

    like some people who don't know what is called, tilt or turn the head, demonstrate to show it to them. a dose of humor, self depreciating or not, may help too

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    Will take note next time. Thanks for the advice.

    Upz for you all.

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    Communication and rapport is extremely important to get your subject relaxed. If one is not relaxed, even if he/she is a model, the photos will not turn out nice. One can still take nice 'model-like' pics if relaxed and angle of shot is correctly done, of course not forgetting the lighting, make-up, etc.

    A good photog will need to learn how to help his/her subjects relax. One way is to have a lot of rest time in between. If you see that they're not ready or get excited, just stop. Talk/chit chat with them, crack jokes, discussion of jovial topics, etc.

    The bottomline is: only if a subject is relaxed will the portraits turn out beautiful.
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