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Thread: Burning slideshows in VCD format

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    Don't think so bro. Try burning in SVCD (Super VCD) format and you'll be amazed by the quality of the pictures.

    Quote Originally Posted by maxim
    dont you find VCD quality does not do justice to slides ?

    the pics turn out blurry and faces becomes unrecogniseable ??

    I much prefer DVD
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    Default how i do

    how i do slide show vcd with transition:

    step 1: down size all images i want to width 600 and resolution 72. (gd enough for tv as the higher the resolution, the more blur it got for tv.)

    step 2: i use vegas 5.

    step 3: open all photos.

    step 4: add transition.

    step 5: add music.

    step 6: key some text for opening and ending.

    Thats all. Hope its useful.

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    Would appreciate if you could advise where to buy this software. Thanks.
    Quote Originally Posted by ThomasD

    Finally got what I wanted, decided to go for Pro Show Gold. Have upgraded to DVD and the result is superb. I personally would rate it 9/10. For those looking for slideshow on TV with a professional touch, I would strongly recommend this software. Have also tried the MOTV, not as impressive as Proshow, the latter has got more features and the pic quality is better. Go for the latest edition of Proshow Gold. Though more expensive, it is worth the money!

    God bless...Thomas

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    Here is a link for some of the software mentioned here, including Pro Show.

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