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    hi all brothers and sisters, i m new to this forum. recently picked up photography.came across this camera yashica MF2.anyone know the market value for it? used but in good condition with box etc. my friend wanted to sell it,but didnt know the price to sell to me as i wanted to buy. whats the best price to offer my friend?


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    any advice? no one at all?

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    Erm, went and google it. It's a rangefinder camera and uses film right? Fully manual and film. Gonna be hard to learn. Can't preview photo after shoot. Unless you really have a strong interest in photography and willing to learn. Or else, this camera will give you headache. Haha. IMO.

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    Google the price? Check on eBay? It might give you a better answer. Go ahead and try it. Thinking of getting a simple 1970s Yashica myself. Lol. Do let me know. Maybe we can shoot together.


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