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Thread: masking of hair

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    Default masking of hair

    i have recently read on a ps book that you can mask out a models hair from a roughly white background using alpha channels, the problem is i cant really remember how to do it , do any of you mentors out there who come across such a techinque? im tired of using pen tool and quick masks.
    im trying to achieve that effect of that fann wong cover shot of i weekly shot by mark law. and leselie kee's style.. please advice

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    I think u can ask Willy... He covered about the hair masking using alpha channel...

    iinm, change the color mode to Lab mode... Then do Level on alpha channel..

    Correct me if I'm wrong...

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    Here's the rough steps I go..
    You do need to be familiar with Channel Masks & Levels to do this effectively.

    1. Explore the RGB channels for the
    a. Channel that shows best contrast for body
    b. Channel that shows best contrast for hair
    2. Duplicate body channel and levels to get a defined edge
    3. Use paint brush to fill in the rest to get a defined silouette of body
    4. Use paint brush to trim the hair (the details will be filled in by the hair channel later)
    5. Invert Channel so you get white body, black background
    6. Identify & duplicate hair channel
    7. Levels to get a defined hair
    8. Paint brush the body below neck out
    9. Invert channel
    10. Load Body Channel
    11. Duplicate RGB layer
    11. Apply layer mask (at this stage you should have the body extracted out without the hair).
    12. Load hair channel
    13. Select Channel Mask for RGB layer
    14. Select White Colour (Shortcut D-X)
    15. Sleect Layer Mask
    16. Fill Layer Mask with white (Alt-Bksp)

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    wow thanks its a little vague, but i'll try it out thanks man!


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