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    Default Need help


    Noob need help here. I just encountered with my cf card. After taking pictures, I try to review it but it has error. So like to seek help.

    I would like to know any image recovery service around and how much.

    Do PM me for this. Thanks.


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    error?.. what kind of error?..

    tt time when i brought my memory stick to some shiity place to develop my pics, my MS came back with error, can't open file and such, i was so kanchiong and rush to buy a sd card for the next day's shot, then after i boguht it, some 1 actually told me that i could reformat my MS, i did, it was working again..

    you try reformatting your CF card, see if it works?.

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    Default Dun think can reformat

    I don't think can reformat. If I done that the files inside all will be gone. I have cf error on my 300D. After I try to open using my card reader and put back my camera for viewing. No images. But still register cf error. I remember I reformat it yesterday night.

    Still very puzzle. The card do have some problems.

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    got warr mah?.. bring it back to e shop or sth?..

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    Default Thanks

    I don't think so. So thinking of going for any recovery service because the pictures important for me........Anyone?

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    hmmm...there are some related threads somewhere here.....try doin a search...

    do hope that u can recover the photos...cheers!!z

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    Default Really need help

    Did a search and found vamptress is doing it. So does anyone knows any commercial recovery service or anyone who can do it? Really need to recover my photos.

    Anyone can share?


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