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Thread: What does Interpolated mean?

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    Default What does Interpolated mean?

    Hi, I am new person to Photography and I was wondering what "Interpolated" I tihnk my camera (Finepix S5000) does it some how but I don't know what is/does. If some one could inform me I would be very thankful, Thanks in advance

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    Let say your camera sensor is capable of doing 4MP but it is stated to be 5MP interpolated. It means, after capturing the image at 4MP, the extra pixels will be calculated by the camera engine. Though you are getting a 5MP result, but it is a enlarged version of your orignial 4MP image.

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    So this is how my care is 3.2 MP and 6Mp at the same time? so taking shots at 3MP will max out quality?

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    It depends, each camera has a different interpolation algorithm, you might try take a pic at 3.2MP and 6MP. Then download both to your computer. Open up both and blow up the 3.2 with your own software (e.g. Photoshop). Judge yourself which one look better.


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