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Thread: 3-legged mother of expensive carbons!!!

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    A 488RC2 (the lightest in the 488 lineup) is 0.7kg, not 0.5kg. And the 1226 MkII unextended height is 120cm, extended is 148cm......

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    Quote Originally Posted by JermsDayOut
    quekky: the 1226 Mk-II i got it for $355 inclusive gst. from cathay

    anyone knows if MS colour also sells tripods and heads? cos they are sure cheaper than cathay in almost everything leh...
    just curious
    thanks. the explorer is only $10 to $20 more so it's a very obvious choice for me. any1 selling it?

    not sure if other shops do sell gitzo or not, i know msc,lords and ap dun sell them. msc do sell manfrotto tripod and ballhead the last time i was there

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    I believe CP are the sole distributor of Gitzo tripods in Singapore

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