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  • YES, I want to correct my eyesight AND look good without glasses

    31 55.36%
  • NO, I don't want to risk any consequences to my eyes.

    8 14.29%
  • YES, I believe modern technology renders it safe and painless.

    15 26.79%
  • Hmmm... I haven't thought about it yet.

    3 5.36%
  • NO! I'd rather use the money to buy new equipment!

    10 17.86%
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Thread: Would you got for Lasik Treatment?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Helbreath
    You mean completely cannot wear for 2 weeks? Wa then like this how to work/school?
    ya. wear specs loh
    ta han for 2 weeks, then can enjoy freedom for life
    worth it la

    actually, the official safety period is 4 weeks for hard lenses and 2 weeks for soft lenses
    then the doc at ttsh told me sg machine and doc are skilled enuff, so they practice 2 weeks for hard lenses and 1 week for soft lenses

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    i just realised there is no option
    "I have already gone for Lasik"

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    zod, who's yr doc

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    Smile Ok, only if

    I wear glasses for close vision, like mmmm living. I don't, or should I say,"Can't", use them for driving.
    Generally the cameras I use have a diopter adjustment, so that's ok.
    What I would like to know though is...can they make my left eye IR sensitive and my right eye xray able
    Time, is an effortless construction :)

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    Anyone here who suffers frm lazy eye and went for lasik?

    Thinking of going for it. I dun want to get old liao and den go blind in 1 eye.

    Photography is pretty tuff using my left eye to aim, right hand to fire liao. Contacts drive me nuts at times and glasses are simply a chore.

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    I went for lasik couple of years ago, at $2k per eye at SNEC ( I think 3-4 years ago?)

    its great, never regretted it (nothing to regret..)

    only thing, I still have lazy eye (which was corrected once with eye surgery back in 1984.. they basically shorten part of the muscle that controls the lateral motion of the eye.) so I still see out of my right eye mostly.

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