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Thread: Where to get Rubik's cube in Singapore?

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    Default Where to get Rubik's cube in Singapore?

    Does anyone know a shop where you can get *good* quality Rubik's cubes in Singapore? It's for a school kid who is crazy about such puzzles. Saw a few cheaply made ones, and one already had a piece falling off. Any recommendations?

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    you can try the toy shop at Level One far east plaza. it's facing the ramen ten noodle shop and next to the shop that sells guns and swords.

    tot i saw a few rubik's cube, but not sure if they are good quality ones.

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    You might try some Comics Connection shops. They used to have some of the real stuff, but not too sure now...

    IMHO, the real ones may not be so good, 'cos they use sticker labels for the coloured faces. I got an El-Cheapo one, but its faces are glued-on plastic pieces - can't cheat =p

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    Last time saw lots of them in inside one shopping centre at Clarke Quay (dunno the name)


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