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Thread: Montage Software recommendation

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    Default Montage Software recommendation

    Hi guys,
    Thought of trying out the Montage Software.
    Wondering is there any free software out there to try.

    Appreciate any recommendation.
    Simple and not so complicated one please, as I'm pretty noob.

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    Hi, If you are talking about Montage software by marina software,it's a screen writing software for video titleing for Mac OS only.If you are thinking of still pictures then maybe the editing software that comes with your camera has it? If not Photoshop Elements Ver.X which
    is the scaled down and cheaper version of Adobe Photoshop can do it.Alternatively Lightroom should be possible.Most free downloads are
    trail versions of software for sale with limited time usage eg. 30 days or have saving file feature disabled.Even if free, it comes with no technical support and use as is only.Like all things in life there is a learning curve,if reading,clicking and draging a mouse is too much
    for you,what can I say...Experiment and have fun.Elements is for people who want a less complicated interface and can still do what the full blown Photoshop can.

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    Default Re: Montage Software recommendation

    Was actually looking at still image photo.
    Those software used for Wedding Montage, instead of using Powerpoint.

    Seriously, I din realise camera editing software can do that. *noob*
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    Our intern used Microsoft Movie Maker to make one for one of our company function. It's free if you already using Windows.

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    Default Re: Montage Software recommendation

    If you are on a Mac you can always use iMovie.

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    There are tons of free softwares to do it, but it's up to the editor to do it well. Pre-visualize how is the photo going to transit to another, from there add in a suitable music for the montage.

    Best if it actually goes along with the edit flow.

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    Default Re: Montage Software recommendation

    Still not sure what to get. Ahah.
    Nevertheless, thanks all for the recommendation.
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    Default Re: Montage Software recommendation

    Hi there,

    You can try muvee autoproducer 6 or Photodex Proshow
    I'm using Photodex and doing for wedding couples. Creative Wedding Photomontage!~

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    Thanks a bunch, anntonii.
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