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Thread: Shangrila / Dali / Lijiang

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    Default Shangrila / Dali / Lijiang

    Dear Friends,

    I am planning a trip to Shangrila / Dali / Lijiang somewhere in mid oct.

    Would like to ask around whether any bros/sis have been to these places, if you guys do not mind sharing your itiniery, hotels stayed
    and local drivers engaged

    My length of travel will be approx 10-12 days


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    Default Re: Shangrila / Dali / Lijiang

    Check this out bro.....I have an similar thread few mths back...hope its useful

    Something wrong with the is the same thing that I posted in some other forum...if you read chinese
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    My wife and myself went with Hong Thai travel few years back. Briefly, it was about 8 days journey. WE flew into Kunming and from there we travel by coaches to Dali, Li Jiang, and Shangri-la. Our last stop was Shangri-la where we flew back to Kunming and R&R for 1 day before flying back to Singapore. Most of the hotels we stayed were 3-4 stars local hotels. All in all it was quite an enjoyable trip and not too tiring...

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    hmm, dunno what kind of traveler are you, so a bit difficult to offer the right advice. if you are the budget backpacker kind then read on. was there 3 years back. bump into a friend on the flight to Lijiang. Turned out the friend was going back to her hometown in Dali. So made a date with her to meet her in Dali and ended spending only 1 week in Lijiang. The old town there is really lovely to stroll around and for pictures. There are many places which you can do as a day trip from Lijiang. Can easily hop onto a bus and head out to these places. Very convenient if you know Chinese. All the hotels and hostels there offer a whole range of trips out, be it 1 day trips to 7 days trip. I had limited time, so took on a overnight night trip to Shangrila, which includes a stop at tiger leaping gorge and others. Do note that most of these trips are very Chinese (read: China) oriented, so you will get a lot of locals and a lot of shopping stops, but still quite enjoyable. We stopped by some Tibetan house, got the usual does of songs and dances and food. When I was done with Lijiang, took a local bus out to Dali. Just a few hours ride. Nice little old town for you to walk around. Some nice mountains to walk up to too. There is a modern part of the city, where you get your typical big cities. A few days of sightseeing, then head off to Kunming.
    Basically, if you are up for DIY, it is very easy to move around on your own using the public transport. Cheap too. Most of the sights are reachable by public transport. If you prefer not to join a local tour, you can always arrange with the hotels for other means of transport.
    hope this helps.


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